Assisted Living Program vs. Adult Care Facility

Northbrook Heights offers two distinct levels of care to help you or your loved one gracefully transition through the aging process without having to find a new home.

Our Adult Care Facility (ACF) aims to provide support while maintaining your independence. Residents of the ACF program are able to walk, transfer and use the bathroom on their own. They are of sound mind and handle their personal care independently. Although residents enjoy their independence Northbrook Heights still aids with managing their medications, scheduling, and maintaining doctor’s visits, meal preparation and maintenance/home repair.

Our Assisted Living Program (ALP) takes the next steps in supporting you or your loved during this time in life. ALP offers all the amenities of our ACF program, but also offers assistance with insulin, oxygen, and altered consistency diets. Northbrook offers reminders and assistance with personal care to our ALP members.

Both programs offer a 24-hour supervised facility with call bells in every room, meaning that regardless of the program you choose someone will always be seconds away to offer the support you need.